New Mexico
Living Desert State Park '' © Neil Knott
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New Mexico
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Living Desert State Park
© Neil Knott

Cimarron Canyon State Park
'The Palisades'
© Kristy Ashmore

Navajo Lake State Park
'Navajo Lake State Park'
© Copyright Annick Desjardins, 2007-2008

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
'Sand Hills in the morning'
© Dan Verrips


Lincoln National Forest
'Dog Canyon'
© copyright Ted Gorczyca

Taken in the Lincoln National Forest Rt 137

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New Mexico Parks Visitor Reviews
8/9/2016 4:39:31 PM Eastern New Mexico State Park by Jimmie Jones
- My father was the first Park caretaker /game warden at this park. My family lived there from 1934 until june 1941. took care of the land and lake.I was born in Clovis two weeks after they moved. WE still have pictures of the park and events of that era.
6/22/2016 9:58:47 AM Storrie Lake State Park by Stephanie
Great time - Lake is fullest it has been in over 10 years due to the rain this spring. Had fun fishing, boating, tubing, and just taking in the views. Great lake for family fun.
9/8/2015 12:23:57 PM Brantley Lake State Park by Rick & Irma
First visit - One of the Rangers told us it was flooded and not much access for bank fishing. My wife Irma and I caught 6 largemouth in about 45 minutes. That was great!
9/6/2015 10:24:05 PM Hyde Memorial State Park
- Loved the shelter. It was a great stop for us!
6/25/2015 2:07:31 PM Pancho Villa State Park by Kathryn Moser
Huh? - This is like New York City having an Osama bin Laden state park.
6/21/2015 2:23:33 PM Sugarite Canyon State Park
- Nice clean facilities Wonderful camp host. The local residents came in took over site and ran us out with loud music after 10pm and pure intimidation. When I filed a report with the Ranger he said that he had already had three previous incidents with the same group. Left out of fear. Do not go there!!!!!!!!
9/28/2014 1:34:40 PM Navajo Lake State Park by Chase Burke
THanks for the tip - it is so cool thanks!!!!!!!!!
8/25/2014 5:49:41 PM Brantley Lake State Park
Great time for boating - The lake is near full capacity and we are due for more rain so the lake is very good for boating.
8/18/2014 3:40:52 PM Cibola National Forest
Las Huertas Creek Picnic Area - My children LOVE having a place where we can picnic in the shade and hike around the creek. Thanks for making it possible for my kids to explore the great outdoors.
6/12/2014 5:23:37 PM Bluewater Lake State Park by Jean Lauderdale
Camping & Fishing - The convenience of Bluewater Lake to homes on the So. Side of lake. What happened to the park on the So. side of the lake? We want to continue to use the lake on the So. side. Why is the gate closed to the property on the So. side of the lake by the main part of the lake? I camp at the lake and I do not want to drive all the way around to the No. side of the lake to camp or fish.
6/10/2014 2:52:58 PM Coyote Creek State Park by Faithful Camper
My Getaway since I was 1 month old - My entire family camps out every year. This is our little get a way. Beautiful view, great fishing and always great times!!!
6/10/2014 10:48:48 AM Living Desert State Park by Sharla
Great time - I had the chance to visit on May 24...My son and I had a wonderful time looking at all the plant life and animals. The price of admission was a refreshing change!!! This is a MUST see on any vacation to the Carlsbad area!!!
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